Slurry pumps

The slurry is a mixture of a liquid, usually water, with solid particles. The particles can be abrasive and non-abrasive.

Slurry pump is a pump, in which the pumping of slurries passes by centrifugal force. Slurry pumps provide pumping of slurries with a high density of solids (up to 2500 kg / m3) and with large solid particles. Mostly slurry pumps are used in mining, coal and metallurgical industries, mining and processing factories. Here are the methods of enrichment and crushing (grinding) are used.

Features of a slurry pump:

  • Pumps of type Ш (slurry) is a horizontal, single stage pumps pump slurry with a small fraction with density of 1200-2500 kg / m3 and a maximum size of solid particles up to 20 mm.
  • The vertical slurry pump VSHN-150 is designed for pumping the drilling of wells of the washing solution density 1300 kg / m3 with solids content not more than 20% of the maximum size of individual particles up to 20mm.
  • Submersible slurry pumps are used for operation with liquids, which have a high of viscous and abrasive solids content.
  • Sludge pumps are designed for pumping materials that are dissolved in water or obtained by wet grinding mills at the concentrators and cement factories.

Slurry pumps contains such materials:

  • gravel,
  • sand and gravel,
  • slag,
  • and other abrasive slurry.