Four-roller crusher

Four-roller crusher is very similar to two-roller crusher. The difference is that the crusher has two pairs of rolls which are arranged one above the other. The upper pair of rolls produces a pre-crush and the lower with a smaller gap between the rolls produces the final crush. Crushers rolls can be smooth, corrugated, ribbed, long- or short- serrated.

In the mining industry four-roller crushers are used for crushing the fuel (coke, coal). These crushers can be used for crushing building materials, slags, glass, refractory materials, waste molding compounds, etc.

Four- roller crusher consists of such main parts:

  • four-roller crusher consists of such main parts:
  • base frame;
  • two cast frame;
  • hood that covers the area of crushing material;
  • top cover;
  • two pairs of rollers (upper and lower) with the actuators;
  • mechanisms of shredding bands;
  • tensioning device.;
  • electrical equipment

The main benefits and features of four-roller crusher:

  • increased performance during the fine crushing;
  • mechanical treatment of rolls;
  • replacement linings;
  • small outlet of overshredding material.