Impact crushers

The impact crusher is a crusher of mechanical action, which is rigidly fixed by working parts. The impact crusher is used for crushing of small fortress materials, as a result of the rapid rotation of the rotor with fixed working parts – hammers, and a large number of strikes of pieces by plates.

Impact crushers are used for small, medium and large crushing minerals of low strength and abrasiveness. Crushers rotary differ from each other in the number of hammers and reflective plates, weight and size of casing and the rotor.

There are impact crushers with a vertical rotor; they are called centrifugally impact crusher. Impact crushers are designed for primary crushing of coal, granite and other minerals. Also, impact crushers are often used in crushing of carbonate rocks to produce crushed rock. Impact crusher consists of such main parts:

  • Frame;
  • The rotor;
  • Hammers;
  • The casing of crusher;
  • The reflective plate (upper and lower);
  • Mechanism of regulation of the gap between the plates.The main advantages of impact crushers:
  • High performance;
  • The simplicity of the design;
  • High degree of reduction.

Additional advantages:

  • recycling of durable materials;
  • high crushing ratio;
  • production of crushed stone for the high performance