Wet autogenous mills









Wet autogenous mill is a machine for grinding minerals, in which grinding of ores occurs during strokes pieces against each other when they fall, due to the abrasion of rolling pieces, and as a result of impact and compressions.

Wet autogenous mills are used in the mining industry. Wet autogenous mills are used in the manufacture of cement, lime and gypsum, ceramic products, etc. They are used for grinding the material to a particle with size less than several tenths of a millimeter.

The material is crushed inside the hollow rotary drum in the wet autogenous drum mill. During rotation the ground material (called “load”) are moving along a circular path together with the drum and then fall in a parabola. The material is crushed by abrasion during relative motion of the grinding material particles and due to strike.

Wet autogenous mills can be used in open or closed loop. It is also possible to use such mills in the mode of sag with additional loading of balls.