General terms and conditions for purchase of the goods.

The participant must be a producer of the product or its sales organization (the official sales representative).

According to the purchasing terms, participants are allowed to take part in the procurement procedure:

Parties that do not have a claim for previous deliveries against PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» (details of the refusal to conclude a contract, non-performance and (or) improper performance of the concluded contract, information about the unsatisfactory quality of the goods, the results of the input and acceptance control) and confirmed:

  • financial and economic viability;
  • technical capabilities.

According to the purchasing terms, participant cannot be:

  • an organization that is under liquidation, reorganization, and an individual entrepreneur, who is in the process of business interruption.
  • organization, a natural person, including an individual entrepreneur:
  • provided false information about himself;
  • had not submitted or provided incomplete (inaccurate) information about themselves and refused to provide relevant information to the customer within the prescribed period of time;;
  • do not correspond to requirements of customer to the participants’ data.

According to the purchasing terms, it is allowed payment upon delivery of the goods at the Buyer’s warehouse not less than 15 business days.

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