Quality standards

In Ukraine, certification of quality systems by system UKRSEPRO is done in accordance with the State Standard 3419-96 “quality system certification.”  According to this standard, certification of quality systems is produced in order to confirm compliance with quality system requirements of ISO 9001 and to provide confidence that the producer is able to consistently produce products, which comply with requirements of normative documents State Standard ISO 9001. Products that failed to conform to ISO 9001 standard are timely identified, and the producer takes the necessary measures to prevent the production of such products.

Quality standard ISO 9001 in PJSC "MRRZ"

Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant centered on product quality. It provides by Integrated Quality Management System. Quality Service, Central Plant Laboratory of physical and mechanical tests and chemical studies and also a new technique of the technical department played a key role. This department carries out analytical and technical quality control of raw materials, manufactured products, performs research, design and experimental-manufacturing works.

In 2004, the Central Plant Laboratory received accreditation certificate (№ 06544-5-2-1022-VL) for the right measurements for 40 groups of objects in accordance with its criteria for accreditation, which are defined GR 3-008-2002.

In the plant laboratory, which is certified in the Ukraine according to quality standards ISO 9001: 2008, are installed devices for express-analysis of metal and an optical emission spectrometer «SPECTROMAX» for the deep analysis of metals. According to international standard ISO 9001, laboratory certified to carry out a complete chemical analysis of metals, mechanical testing of castings and control the properties of molding materials.

The company has successfully applied new multi matrix spectrometer manufactured by German company “EREKTRO”. It is used for the analysis of all the known elements and alloys, which allows using modern spectroscopic methods.

According to international standard ISO 9001, the enterprise carries out mechanical tests, control of dimensional accuracy, control of pouring temperature, control the properties of molding and core materials.

In modern market conditions consumers dictate higher requirements for products. The system, which covers all the processes of the company and provides the conditions for production, according to ISO 9001, can satisfy the needs of consumers. The plant successfully solves this problem. Since 2005 the factory has developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001. Monitoring of the development and implementation of the quality system are realized by the Internal Audit Service.

The main capital of the plant is more than 300 employees: engineering and technical personnel, experts and skilled workers. There are contract systems of education, professional education and training, incentive systems and social protection, creative atmosphere, prospect of career growth, create a high motivation to work and increase productivity level of professionalism and the potential, so it is the foundation for future plant.