Open joint-stock company «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» – one of the leading Ukrainian industrial enterprises. The main activity of our plant consists in manufacturing of parts for crushing and shredding complexes of domestic and imported producers. Also one of the areas of activity is production of parts for road-building, construction and mining machinery. Our plant offers its customers a large catalogue of spare parts for industrial and technological equipment of imported and domestic producers. A rich experience in production of spare parts and a wide range of manufactured parts for industrial equipment will help meet all requirements of clients.


The plant also offers the customer complete technical solutions for modernization of the manufacturing base and construction. It produces and upgrades parts to improve the technology, which are applied in the field:

  • production of stone road-building materials;
  • complexes for mining and processing enterprises;
  • manufacture of cement and materials based on these compounds;
  • calcareous and chalk deposits;
  • complexes of processing of limestone and chalk ores;
  • ferroalloys, metallurgical and other enterprises.