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In the mining and metallurgical industry of Ukraine all the equipment is constantly working under heavy loads. Therefore, the main expendable parts of the equipment quickly become unusable and require maintenance, repair or replacement of equipment.

Repair and maintenance of industrial equipment is a complex of works on maintenance of efficiency or bringing into operation of industrial equipment. In time performing maintenance of industrial equipment allows to reduce the cost of repairs.

PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» performs maintenance and repair of industrial equipment.

Repair of equipment for crushing complex and spare parts for crushers:

  • Major repairs of large crushing crushers KKD 1500/180, KRD 900/100, 700/100 KRD is mechanical processing of mobile armor, eccentrics (conical and cylindrical bushings and other parts).
  • Major repairs of medium and fine crushing crushers KSD-, KMD-2200; KSD-, KMD-1750 is a mechanical treatment of moving and stationary armors.
  • Major repairs of jaw crushers are a mechanical treatment of rods and shafts; mechanical treatment of flat surfaces of the crushing plates and other large items at milling machines.

And also major repairs of all kinds of crushing cones (according to the attached repair bill) and machining of parts of imported crusher.

Major repairs of main parts of the industrial equipment:

  • Machining of bearings and bushings to the ore and grinding mills MMC MGR.
  • Bore of holes during the repairing of the gearbox housing.
  • Cutting of teeth, including the conical wheels 20 z 79 m, gears 20 z 20 m actuator of the classifier IOS-24 is performed On the grooving (milling, planing, grooving) machines. On the machines mod.5K328A, 5330, 5284, 5M14S93, 5A140P – tooth with module from 2mm to 20mm and in diameter from 20mm to 1500mm with conical and cylindrical gearing.
  • In large lathes – mechanical treatment of such parts as wheels, pulleys, half couplings, etc., as well as multi-grooved drums for stacking steel ropes.
  • Processing of products with length of up to 8m, in diameter up to 1600mm and weighing up to 40 tons is performed on lathes (mod. 1A665 1K62).
  • Treatment of products in diameter up to 4000mm and weighing up to 40t is performed on lathes mod.1525, 1M557, 1540.
  • Boring and milling of case products with weigh up to 10 tons is performed on the horizontal boring machines mod. 2A637
  • Milling machining is performed on a longitudinal milling and boring machine mod. 6M610 (size of the table: length 3150mm, width 1000mm)

PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant»offers:

  • stamping of sheet products;
  • compact units at presses up to 1000 tons (mod. K3540, K2736, PA415, P2606, RKHA, PA6738);
  • cutting and bending metal (mod. YAV2636, I-2222 IA2216) and welding works of steel structures in the area;
  • surfacing of shafts and other products at welding machines.
  • In addition, we have the wide assortment of metal structures, overhaul of equipment of mining and tunneling machines, EKG, Ash, slurry pumps and feeders, mechanical and thermal treatment of products. All offered products are manufactured by own production facilities of PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant»and corresponds to the international system of quality ISO 9001: 2008.