Hammer crushers

Hammer crusher is a mechanical machine for natural materials crushing. Hammer crusher is used to crush pieces, grains and particles of minerals and other natural materials, which are obtained as a result of blows of hammers, or by crushing pieces during hitting the plates of hull crushers. Hammer crushers are designed to crush coal of various grades before the coking, limestone, porcelain, marl, chalk, gypsum and other materials. The main types of hammer crushers:

  • Crushers with suspended and fixed on the rotating rotor hammers;
  • The single-rotor and twin-rotor;
  • Reversible and irreversible;
  • Hammer crushers with grate firing or without it;
  • Hammer crusher with a movable and stationary baffle plates.
  • Odnorotornye and roots;

The main advantages of hammer crusher are a high reliability and durability, high the degree of fragmentation, low cost per unit of processing material, low power consumption, ease of repair.

The main disadvantage of hammer mills is the rapid wear of hammers and grate firing.

Crushers are equipped with lining plates to protect the casing from wear and hammers with the wear-resistant welding for crushing materials.

Hammer crusher consists of:

  • The casing of crusher;
  • The rotor with pivotally-suspended hammers;
  • Rotor wheels;
  • Grates firing;
  • The lining armor.