Toothed screw crusher

Toothed screw crusher is designed to crush various ore and other minerals with unconfined compressive strengths up to 180 MPa, and for receiving the rock mass with a maximum size of pieces up to 1500 mm and the subsequent splitting of up to 300 mm. Basically, it sets at the stage of a large rock breaking. But also toothed screw crushers are widely used for fine and medium crushing (60-1 mm).

The principle of crusher work – material passes through the crusher and under the force of friction passes through the gap between the rolls, where the material is crushed to the size of the gap.

The size of roller is selected depending on the size and nature of the material

This kind of toothed screw crusher is characterized by simple design and consists of:

  • the casing of crusher;
  • two augers;
  • the gearbox;
  • the actuator;
  • the measuring equipment.Differences of this crusher are the compactness; ease of use; can be mounted on stationary, half-stationary and mobile crushing stations.
    Advantages of toothed screw crusher:
  • crushers can work with adhesive materials;
  • minimum capital costs are used for the installation of crushers, also they do not need a special shake-proof foundations;
  • minimum metal content;
  • the possibility of crushing large pieces of rock;
  • high levels of performance;
  • high wear resistance of cutting due to the special shape of the tines;
  • good maintainability, due to the modular construction of the main parts.