The plant

Production capacity description of the plant:

  • The steel workshop is the heart of the plant. It is equipped with electric arc furnaces EAF – 3A EAF – 3M, the induction furnace ILT 2.5 / 1C2 for alloys on copper basis.

Using this equipment plant makes castings weighing from 3 to 6000 kg made of steels 35L, 40L, 45L, 50L, 55l, 35GL, 40HL, 35HGSL, 45GL, 110G13L, 125G18H2L, wear-resistant cast iron, cast of alloys on copper basis. The main focus of the company is the production of spare parts, which are based on manganese steel (110G13L and 125G18H2L), and also their modifications.

The steel workshop includes:

  • the model area. Non-standard and unique models are produced in this section;
  • the molding department. There are molding using new technologies;
  • the melting department – high precision casting;
  • the heat-treating and fettling department.
  • At the PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» technical production process provides the casting in sand-clay molds. Vacuum-film forming is on the modernization. Experts of PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» did a great job of developing and introduction of the modernization project of the molding workshop with the transition to the new technology of vacuum-film forming, which is made in practice by 80%.
  • Casting molds are produced on the following equipment:
  • molding machines;
  • vibration shaker table;
  • manual area, for the very large parts.

Molding is performed by a wooden (hardwood) and aluminum models (high precision models).

  • The steel smelting is performed in two electric arc furnaces EAF – 3A and EAF – 3M.

The metal casting is produced from the locking buckets with capacity from 3 to 5 tons.

  • Ferrous casting workshop produces castings made of copper alloys (bronze ОЦС 5-5-5, ОФ 10-1, БраЖ 9-4) weighing up to 1500 kg. Centrifugal casting bushes and rings for running gear of excavators ЭКГ-5 and ЭКГ -8 (all bushes have a weight of up to 200 kg and diameter of up to 350 mm).
  • New small quenching furnace for small parts and also a large upgraded quenching furnace are located in the area of thermal treatment. Its lining used the most advanced reduce energy losses technology by using refractory and thermal insulation materials. All modes are controlled by automatic control systems of the expenditure of natural gas and air.
  • In the plant laboratory, which is certified in Ukraine, are installed devices for express-analysis of metal and an optical emission spectrometer «SPECTROMAX» for the deep analysis of metals. The laboratory is certified to carry out a complete chemical analysis of metals, mechanical testing of castings and control the properties of molding materials.

As a result of modernization, PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» was able to produce a wide range of castings weighing from 0.5 kg to 5,000 kg of standard steels by using alloying materials and rare-earth elements.

  • The main focus of casting is the manganese steel, which is “specially designed” by our experts: 110Г13Л,125Г18Х2Л, 110Г13Х2БРЛ, 125Г18Х2МНЛ, and also other types of steel: 25Л, 35Л, 40ХЛ, 30ХНМЛ, 35ХГСЛ and other brands, including the type of high-alloy steels 40Х24Н12СЛ, 30Х23Н7СЛ по ГОСТ 977-88, and also iron of different brands — СЧ15, СЧ20, СЧ25, ЧХ1, ЧХ2, ЧХ3, ЧХ16М2, АЧС-1, АЧС-3 and etc.
  • Forging press shop serves forgings with various cross-sections, the main of those are: round, square and rectangular cross-section. It produces all kinds of metal bond (special metal locks) for securing mine workings, lining of the arched and circular cross-section from 5 m2 to 36 m2.
  • Mechanical assembly shop is equipped with all necessary equipment, capable of carrying out assembly work of mining combines from 1% to 100%, major repairs of mining, mine and ore dressing equipment, and also their individual units. It is also possible to manufacture spare parts and components to the above equipment with the ability to upgrade certain units, upon the request of the customer. At the moment, the plant has mastered the production of non-standard parts for domestic and imported equipment, with the improvement of their performance in our environment.
  • Experts of PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» developed and introduced into the work technology for processing manganese steel, which as you know is very difficult in machining. Therefore, our company can be called a closed-loop enterprise: beginning from smelting of manganese steel to its machining.

The workshop produces the production and major repairs of excavators, pumps and other machinery. It produces slurry and slag pumps, with a change in the structure of working wheels to increase durability. Other options, including boring, milling, gear hobbing, shredding and other theological operation are available on request.

Some of the most effective technologies of the machining of various parts are applied in the workshop:

  • the production of machinery, mechanisms of different sizes;
  • lathing (shaft length of 15 meters, a diameter of 800 mm)
  • planing works (1200 × 4000mm);
  • processing of parts on the rotary machine tools (diameter from 500 to 3200 mm);
  • shredding operation (housing parts weighing up to 5000 kg);
  • gear-hobbing works (cylindrical gears with diameter up to 2000mm, the module m = 20, the bevel gears up to 300 mm in diameter, the module m = 6 mm, cutting (broaching) splines);
  • gear-planing (conical straight and helical gears with diameter up to 2000mm, the module to m = 20 mm);
  • gear-shaping operation (module to m = 10 mm, height of the tooth up to 400mm);

Shredding work:

  • the flat shredding (600 × 800mm);
  • the round shredding (diameter up to 400 mm, length up to 300 mm);
  • the internal shredding (diameter up to 400 mm, length up to 150 mm).
  • The plant produces the main types of heat treatment products – improvement by heat treatment, through hardened parts, normalization, carburizing and hardening treatment of HDTV.

The main focus of production is the manganese steel. Manganese steel is a structural steel, which is alloyed with manganese. It is characterized by high strength and wear resistance. In terms of composition it is similar to carbon steel, but it contains a lot of manganese. The doping with additional elements such as chromium, nickel, nitrogen, enhances the properties of manganese steel. Chains, crushers, rotary crushers for plate, presses, track shoes, etc. are made of this kind of steel. During quenching the steel becomes soft, and during cold forging resistance of metal increases, and steel becomes hard.

Manganese steel, which contains 12 – 15% Mn, is for the manufacture of machine parts, which require a lot of resistance to impact and abrasion. Usually from this make working parts of the stone crushing machines and ball mills. The largest number of manganese steel is for manufacture of railway rails. Ferromanganese is used in the manufacture of special steels and alloys.

Manganese steel after the normalization has increased strength and elasticity. They are relatively cheap and suitable for the production of parts that should have increased strength, toughness and wear resistance.

Manganese steels have a great strength. For example, steel which contains 13 – 15% (wt.) M 1 – 1 5% (wt.) C, has a high wear resistance and hardness. This steel is used for the manufacture of grinders (grind the hardest rocks), parts of excavators and bulldozers.

Manganese steel (10G2A, 12G2A) and low-alloy steel (25HGSA, ZOHGSA) are allowed to weld a gas or arc welding. As filler material used wire Sv. – 08GA, and for high-strength seams – Sv. – 18HMA; the brand of electrodes for electric arc welding: ВИ 9 — 6, ВИ 10 — 6, НИАТ-ЗМ. Machine parts of manganese steel after welding are subjected to normalization and from steel ZOHGSA — hardening and tempering process.

Manganese steel which contains 11 0 – 14% Mn and 0 0 9 – 1, 3% C has the structure of austenite after heat treatment, and has high resistance to abrasion when impact loads.

Manganese steel has a higher strength than ordinary steel. It is especially good resistance to shock. The railways arrows, stone crushing machine parts, helmets, tank armor and armor-piercing shells lugs are made of manganese steel.

  • Despite the difficult situation in the geopolitics of the country, and the global economic recession in general, the management of PJSC «Marhanets Ore Processing and Mining Equipment Repair Plant» continues to pursue a policy for the modernization of all equipment and the development of new technologies in the manganese casting and processing of casts.