Ball mills

Ball mill is a machine for grinding solid materials. The primary use of ball mills is the creation of powder for paints, pyrotechnics, and ceramics. Ball mills are used in the manufacture of cement, lime and gypsum, ceramic products, etc. Ball mills are used for grinding the material with size less than a tenth of a millimeter. In a ball mill material is loaded and crushed inside the rotating drum. Material, which is loaded, circularly moves with the drum and then fall down. Some of the material, which is closer to the rotation axis, rolls down to the underlying layers. The raw materials are crushed during the movement of the grinding pieces of the material and also due to stroke.

Ball mill consists of such main parts:

  • electrical equipment;
  • drum end covers;
  • feeding hopper;
  • pipe;
  • frame;
  • rolling equipment.

The main advantages of ball mill:

  • mill has an electromechanical actuator with a frequency converter, which increases the actuator lifetime and improves its characteristics;
  • rolling equipment is made with polyurethane tires, which have a high coefficient of friction and high wear resistance;
  • low power consumption;
  • fast interchangeability of the drum due to a special hydraulic eversion

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