Jaw crushers

Jaw crusher is considered a universal machine for ore and natural materials crushing. Jaw crushers are used to crush rocks of any strength, slags and some metallic materials. It is impossible to use such crushers for viscoelastic materials such as wood, polymers and certain metal alloys. The material can be up to 1500 mm. The dimensions of the finished product for small jaw crushers is up to 10 mm. Jaw crushers are used in all grades of crushing: small, medium and large. In most case, during the production we use jaw crusher of large and medium crushing.

Principle of operation of a jaw crusher is very simple – the ore or other natural materials are crushed, falling between two massive metal plates, one of the plates is fixed and the other makes rotational motion. These plates are called jaw crushers. Sometimes both jaw crushers are mobile. But this construction is complicated and rarely used.

Jaw crushers type are designed to large dry rock crushing of medium and high hardness with compressive strength up to 300 MPa.

Jaw crushers are stationary mounted on the foundation, but also it is possible and mobile types.

The main advantages of jaw crusher are the high reliability and long service life, high levels of continuous operation, excellent indicators of efficiency.

The main disadvantage of jaw crushers is increased wear of the jaw.

The main spare parts for jaw crushers are mobile and fixed plates of crushing КСД/КМД and spacer iron plates.